Canon pulled the covers off the EOS 5D Mark II this morning. The full-frame digital SLR features 21.1 megapixel resolution, a 14-bit DIGIC 4 processor, Live View shooting and HD movie recording capabilities. With an estimated street price of $2700, the 5D Mk II packs in a long list of professional features.

I’ve been a huge fan of the original 5D for many years. In contrast to the 1D-series, the 5D’s smaller size and lighter weight make it much easier to shoot from spontaneous (aka: “paparazzi”) camera angles. Fortunately, the 5D Mk II continues this easy-on-the-wrist form factor. Further, with Live View and face-recognition auto-focus, I’m even less inclined to be a slave to the viewfinder.

Another benefit of the size is that the 5D Mk II provides pro-level capabilities in a body that’s the same size as a consumer DSLR. In contrast to the hefty 1D-series, over-zealous security guards, thieves, etc. will likely not see the 5D Mk II as a pro camera when it’s strapped around your neck.

The 5D Mk II uses a completely new generation of sensor that “incorporates an improved output amplifier and a more advanced color filter that improves light transmission while retaining excellent color reproduction.” The Canon press release states: “the EOS 5D Mark II achieves the highest level of image quality of any EOS Digital SLR released to date.”  Big words for a camera that’s not the most expensive offering in the lineup.

Other new features include:

  • Self-cleaning Sensor – just one word… “finally”.
  • Two Small RAW Formats – for situations where the flexibility of a RAW file is desired but the 21.1 mp resolution is not needed, the 5D Mk II offers sRAW1 at 10.0 mp and sRAW2 at 5.2 mp.
  • Silent Shooting in Live View – the two modes of Silent Shooting should be of interest to wedding and movie photographers. No word yet as to whether this will eliminate the need for a blimp on sound-sensitive sets.
  • Auto Lighting Optimizer – Canon reports that this new technology will analyze dynamic range of brightness in an image and, if necessary, open up shadow areas.

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Click here to read the full Canon press release.

[It should also be noted that elbows around the globe are aching today after rumormongers worldwide set aside their keyboards long enough to firmly pat themselves on the back after this morning’s announcement. A sharp spike in the sales of Icy-Hot was also noted. There’s no indication, yet, whether this is in anticipation of the opening of Photokina next week.]

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4 Responses to Canon 5D Mark II… finally!

  1. Patrick says:

    Well after a slight pause it seems the megapixel race is back on.

  2. Jack Miller says:

    Hey Syl. Thanks for your write-up on the 5DMII. I love my 5D, I like my 1DIII, but have been toying with the idea of a wholesale switch to Nikon because of the D3 and SB900. With the 5DII now available, it is probably enough to make me hold my ground on the Canon side. Already placed my advance order.


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