Syl Arena teaching Canon Speedliting with Multiple Flashes at B&H Photo Event Space

I had the good fortune to give a two-hour presentation on Canon Speedliting with Multiple Flashes a few weeks ago in the Event Space at B&H Photo’s NYC superstore. Thanks to the great gang at B&H, you can now watch my presentation on YouTube.

Click here for the HD version.

Click here for a standard-def version.

In the presentation, I talk about:

  • the details of using Canon’s built-in wireless system (which is the backbone of my multi-flash technique)
  • other ways to trigger multiple flashes
  • favorite modifiers for small flash
  • the set-ups I used in a number of my favorite shoots

For a more detailed look at how I shoot multiple flashes, including footage from a number of studio and location shoots, check out my Multi-Speedlite Course on Kelby Training.

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7 Responses to Canon Speedliting with Multiple Flashes — Online at YouTube

  1. Chris Gampat says:

    Great seeing you here at the store, Syl!

  2. Bernie Hoelschen says:

    I literally got an email notification about this post about ~30 seconds after listing Speedliter's Handbook as a 'must read' for people working with flash on a website I frequent, and my initial thought was that I was in trouble. Great to hear this is available, thanks Syl!

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  4. Robert Greenstein says:

    An uutstanding video presentation! Mentioned several times during the video is the afternoon session: entitled: "Lighting Persona" (if I heard it correctly). Will that be posted for viewing?

  5. Martin Del Vecchio says:

    1t 37:48 of the video, you display the RATIO MATH slide.

    On the right-hand side, it says:

    2:1 A group is one-stop brighter than B group
    1:2 A group is one-stop brighter than B group

    This is a typo, right? Shouldn't the second one say, "1:2 B group is one-stop brighter than A group"?

    I love your book, and I'm really enjoying this video. Thanks.

    • Syl Arena says:

      @Martin — Right-o. Typo on the slide. I gave a lady in the audience a B&H hat for pointing that out. Sorry…I'm out of hats. Thx for watching and for the kudos.

  6. ike marquez says:

    great video, syl! opened my eyes to the capabilities of my 580 EX/EXII. watched the video twice but am not sure if you “implied” that the pre-flash instructions from the master inside a modifier, e.g., lastolite 15×15 softbox, can be seen by slave(s). is communication possible if master is inside a modifier?

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