In a star-studded presentation yesterday, Canon unveiled the C300 — its first-generation digital cinema camera. You can read the play-by-play action and see loads of pix from the Hollywood event here on Engadget.

Rather than bolt the motion features onto a still platform, Canon has launched a new era for digital moviemakers with the Cinema EOS system. Happily, I can say that the C300 provides the modular functionality that I lusted after in this February, 2010 article on PixSylated.

There is loads of information out there from folks who have actually used the C300. So rather than describe from afar, I’ll point you to several sources of information on Cinema EOS and the C300. No doubt, this is an exciting time to call oneself a Canonista.

Canon Cinema EOS site

Hands-on Video via Engadget

Vincent Laforet blogs about the C300 and the making of his short “Mobius”, including BTS video

Canon Cinema EOS System Explained, via Canon-Europe

More About Cinema EOS, via Canon-Europe

Redrock Micro ultraCage Designed Specifically for C300

Other New Canon Cinema Cameras On The Way, via Engadget


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