The only way to adjust the settings on a 270EX is to do it through the LCD of a compatible camera.

If you have a 580EX II, 430EX II or a 270EX and a compatible camera, you can use your camera’s LCD to control your Speedlite. For many functions, especially setting Custom Functions, the details provided on the camera LCD are very helpful. For the 270EX, it’s the ONLY way to control the settings. {What? You didn’t know that the 270EX has settings like manual power and 2nd-curtain sync? It does!}

Here’s a list of Canon cameras that have the ability to display current-model Speedlite controls via their LCDs:

EOS-1D Mark IV

EOS-1D/1Ds Mark III

EOS 5D Mark II


EOS 50D/40D

EOS Rebel T2i/T1i/XSi/XS

PowerShot G11/G10/G9

PowerShot SX 1 IS/SX 10 IS/SX 20 IS

[Thanks to Chuck Westfall for providing the list!]

Left: Details provided by the 580EX II via the LCD on my 5D Mark II. Right: The same custom function menu as displayed on the LCD of the Speedlite.

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5 Responses to Control Your Speedlite From Your Camera's LCD

  1. Kevin Brown says:

    The biggest issue is the lack of a flash commander with canon gear, at least the 7d has it.

    • Syl Arena says:

      Kevin – Thanks for joining the conversation! Pop-up commanders, like the 7D, are relatively low-power strobes. They are handy indoors at close range. The 5D and 1D series don't have pop-ups. Outdoors… the power of a 580EX is essential for wireless. Beyond that, of course, is the realm of radio-based E-TTL.

  2. Hector Castillo says:

    Congratulations on your new site. Keep up the good work. BTW like your article

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