I’m still abuzz about the great week I spent at Maine Media Workshops teaching my ‘Canon Speedlites Demystified‘ workshop. There’s no better way to show the success of the class than to share a collection of my students’ work. So click through to meet the gang one by one. (Hint: click on any of the pix to see a higher res version of the photo.) To see many more photos from the week, click here to see a slideshow of their work.

Becca Neidle

Chelsy Lee


Dave Clough 


Dewayne Chriswell


Diane Arjoon


Joseph Carey

Karen Baumann

Lulu Gyoury

Marea Downey


Sally Perreten

Skip Klein


Toni Cervantes


Vivaan Seth

Speedliting Workshops and Seminars This Fall

I have a busy fall planned. I hope to see you somewhere along the way.

Speedliter’s Intensive — San Francisco Oct 1-2

Fundamentals of Canon DSLRs and Speedlites — Paso Robles Oct 10-14

Intermediate / Advanced Speedliting — Paso Robles Oct 17-21

FotoWeekend — Dubai Nov 16-19


5 Responses to Flashing In Maine: Student Work from 'Canon Speedlites Demystified'

  1. jasonjosephnyc says:

    Well done… The most important thing in learning to master light is to learn that less is more. Clearly this is in your teachings, as your students have struck a balance. Such a pleasure to see such images, as the tendency these days is to over light everything….. Making images garish at best.
    If you were to look at my website http://www.JasonJoseohStudio.com you would be hard pressed to learn that 95% of my images are lit by one to seven lights. Trick is to make it look natural.
    Again bravo …. Well done.

  2. Dave Clough says:

    As the photos suggest, this was a fantastic workshop! Thank you very much for posting the photos and I look forward to your return to Maine Media Workshops.

  3. Lulu Gyoury says:

    So great to see everyones photos! What a fantastic and full week we had! Syl, you were a wonderful teacher and as seen here, brought out the best in each of us! I am ready for another of your Workshops already!!!!

  4. Sally Perreten says:

    I hope you will be teaching the course we all need next, and that many of this class will be there, too. It was a wonderful and inspiring group, and I think you brought out the best in each of us. I think I learned as much about how to critique my work as I did about lighting techniques. It was a fabulous week, Syl. Thank you!

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