Canon-Europe commissioned me to write a four-part series on Speedliting for their Canon Pro Network site. If you’ve not checked out the CPN site, you should spend some time there. The first two parts of my series are online now. Parts 3 and 4 will be published online during the next two months.

Part 1 – Speedlite Controls and Modes

Part 2 – On- and Off-camera Flash


6 Responses to Getting The Most From Speedlites – Parts 1 & 2

  1. Great stuff. A must read!

  2. Tamar Young says:

    Syl, Had a question on part 1 page 9 you are cheating the flash sync and showing some or all of the second curtain with what you noted was a 7d. I have been trying to do that with my 7d and can't. Unless I am in high speed sync the camera will not all me to go over 250. I even contacted canon to see if I could take control and over come the camera brain and they said too bad. Just wondering how you did that as I would like to use the feature to purposefully make part of my frame darker.

    Thanks, Tamar

  3. leftcoastmark says:

    Great articles, Syl. Would love you to do a writeup on the 7D optical master/slave capability. I have a 7D and some 580 EX II's and just LOVE the ability to control the flashes via optical E-TTL right from the camera's pop-up flash.

  4. Ian W says:

    Interesting articles Syl. I was reading on Roger Galbraith's site that the practical difference between the 430 and the 580 is rather less than your article states (0.2 stop in an umbrella, iirc) and, more importantly to anyone planing to use the ettl PWs, the 430 doesn't put out the emi the 580 does that destroys its range.

    I'm not sure if there are any advantages then to using 580s with a tt1/5 setup, though having one I'll stick with it, but I'm seriously thinking of following Roger's advice and going to 430s for my remotes.

    Any thoughts?


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