Canon Europe has just published the last installment of my four-part series on Speedliting. The entire Canon Pro Network site is a treasure-trove of information. I hope that you’ll check out my series and then acquaint yourself with the rest of the CPN resources.


Getting The Most From Speedlites - Part 1

Part One – Control & Modes

> Basic Types of Flashgun Operation
> Exposure Modes
> Flash Exposure Compensation
> Sync Modes
> Built-in Modifiers


Getting THe Most From Speedlites - Part 2

Part Two – On and Off-Camera Flash

> The Importance of Shadows
> When On-Camera Flash Works Well: Fill Flash
> Moving One Speedlite Off-Camera
> Controlling Multiple Off-Camera Speedlites Wirelessly
> Creating Dramatic Shadows


Getting The Most From Speedlites - Part 3

Part Three – Modifying Flashlight

> Making The Speedlite Appear Larger
> Modifiers That Make The Speedlite Appear Smaller
> Change The Coulour Of A Speedlite
> Limit What The Speedlite Illuminates
> A Speedlite’s Built-In Modifiers


Part Four – Advanced Speedlite Strategies

> High-Speed Sync
> Using Multiple Speedlites
> Cross-Gelling For Creative Effect
> Multi/Stroboscopic Flash



5 Responses to Getting The Most From Speedlites — My Four-Part Series for Canon Europe

  1. Kris says:

    Love your book downed it on the plane. Now for second reading with doing!!!
    Thanks Syl

  2. Ken says:

    Your book is great, im constantly going over it again and again. I love off camera flash and there is loads of great ideas in your book I now want to try.

  3. dino says:

    bought your book, and thought it was gonna be a complicated read, however was pleasantly suprised to find that even the geek jargon was simple to understand. Thanks for such a great book!

  4. Hank says:

    Syl- the book is outstanding. I continue to gain tips and tricks and ideas every time I review on my iPad. Thx!

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