I’m back home after an amazing week in Dubai. The Gulf Photo Plus FotoWeekend 2011 was a great event. My schedule was so full that, once it started, I had no time to blog. So, over the next week, I’ll be sharing a series of articles about the classes I taught and the pix of Dubai that I made during my trip.

GPP is the hub of a vibrant community of photographers in the Middle East. For years, GPP’s home was a relatively small office space. The night after I arrived, GPP opened its new home — which has plenty of space for a photo gallery, studio with cyc wall, classroom, and store. The inaugural gallery show “photoID” is a group exhibition of work by photographers Tamara Abdul Hadi, Ammar Al Attar, Richard Allenby-Pratt, Philip Cheung, Gerald Donovan, Hind Mezaina and Katarina Premfors. I soon discovered that the loft provided a great vantage point from which to shoot a series of pix with my Canon S95 pocket camera.

Many who know me, have heard me spout, “I choose to be a photographer and not a retoucher.” Yet, when it comes to stitching panoramas together, I’m happy to let Lightroom and Photoshop do the heavy lifting. Click on the pic above to see a larger version of my Opening Night pano. At full resolution, the image prints 15″ x 30″ / 39cm x 78cm at 300ppi. To see how it was shot and assembled, read on.

Lightroom makes is so easy to start a panorama.

My post-capture workflow always begins with Lightroom. After selecting my four shots, I used the Develop module to balance the color and contrast across the shots. Then I selected all four images in LR’s Library module and hit Photo > Edit In > Merge to Panorama in Photoshop. The following dialogue box opens in Photoshop.

I always give the “Auto” layout a try. It often does a fine job without any work on my end. In this case, as you can see below, “Auto” distorted the gallery wall at the center of the frame. When this happens, I give “Collage” a try. The main difference with “Collage” is that it will rotate and scale a frame, but it does not warp. I noted that “Auto” did not show any doubles whereas, “Collage” allowed my friend Bobbi Lane to appear twice (which I loved).

The "Auto" option curved the straight wall at lower-left center.

So that you can get a sense of the true magic that Photoshop preforms, here are each of the four original captures followed by the frame as it was positioned and masked by Photoshop.


Left panel as masked and placed by Photoshop.

Center-left panel as masked and placed by Photoshop.

Center-right panel as masked and placed by Photoshop.

Right panel as masked and placed by Photoshop.





2 Responses to Gulf Photo Plus Opening Night Gallery Party & Panorama

  1. Steve says:

    I really like the ideal of printing the pano-merged with a white background rather than cropping to a rectangle as nearly everyone does. It is especially appropriate for an audience of photographers, Great idea,

    By the way, I've watched your Kelby Training videos twice now (having gotten more understanding the second time having gotten the big picture already). All I can say is WOW!. You did a "bang it out of the ballpark" job.

  2. Nadine says:

    love your work/photo thinking ; just wished U were a Nikon shooter…
    I would love any constructive critisism on my photos pls see (very newsite) ; btw pls be gentle 🙂 recuparating from 2nd eye surgery

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