When I made the switch from my Android phone to an iPhone last year, the only feature I missed was the turn-by-turn navigatrix that I nicknamed “Gigi.” Using that little robot voice, Gigi reliably guided me to where I wanted to go—no matter where I was at the moment.

Like legions of iPhoners, I eagerly updated to iOS6 just for the turn-by-turn navigation. Unfortunately, it’s true that Apple has a long way to go to make the new Maps app worthy of the Apple name. I’ve no doubt that the spirit of Steve Jobs will figure out a way for Apple to get the app fixed. And, yes, I’m grateful to have turn-by-turn on my iPhone. For now, there’s no doubt that Google Maps is still the superior app. So, I was grateful when I accidentally added it back to my phone yesterday.

How to Add Google Maps Back to Your iPhone

1. Open up Safari 

2. Search for maps.google.com

3. Tap the arrow at the bottom center of the screen.

4. Hit the “Add to Home Screen” button.

5. Change the name and hit the “Add” button in the upper right corner

6. Move Google Maps to a handy spot.

Ding! You’re done.

Why I Still Need Google Maps on my iPhone

1. More Accurate Street Details—Google provides far more detail, both in terms of picture resolution and in terms of labeling. Here is a comparison of satellite views showing the location of my friends at Really Right Stuff in San Luis Obispo. (Well actually it’s their old location. See below.)


2. Three Handy One Touch Buttons—Google provides three one-touch buttons in the lower right corner for Call, Directions, and Street View.


3. Updated Addresses—Google knew that Really Right Stuff had moved and insisted on showing me the new location.


3 Responses to How to Add Google Maps Back to Your iPhone…in about 10 seconds.

  1. Jared says:

    Good thing Apple didn’t completely block people from using Google maps.

  2. gregorylent says:

    do this in a foreign country, you get the local language version of google, not nice if you like english

    using a vpn, you can add the english maps, but no location, no search, totally clumsy compared to original app

  3. Brenda says:

    Thank you for this! One thing though. You might want to mention that you need to click on the the maps.google.com/ link in step two, so there is actually a step between 2 and 3. Maybe that is obvious to most people, but I tried adding to home screen before actually accessing the map the first time. Easy to figure out though. Thanks again!

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