Great Speedliting How-To here.


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  1. […] of Photofocus last night which had lighting guru Syl Arena (his infopacked blog Pixsylated | Speedliting site). When answering a listener question about developing “the eye” for photography, both […]

  2. CAFE W says:

    There isn’t Second curtain sync on 600EX-RT ,either.Did you advise Canon to improve it?You are an famous photographer who uses Canon in the world.I think they will accept your advice.I am a Chinese and my English is not good.Please forgive me.Thank you

    • Syl Arena says:

      @Cafe W. Thanks for commenting. Your English is much better than my Chinese! There is 2nd-curtain sync on the 600EX-RT when the wireless system is not activated. The lack of 2nd-curtain sync in Canon wireless is a continuing mystery for me too.

      • CAFE W says:

        Thanks for replying me.Nikon’s CLS is better than Canon’s speedlite,and many photographers like Joe choose Nikon.Why do you choose Canon?

  3. Van Sullivan says:

    When shooting at a wedding reception with a dark background I experience a complete overexposure of the subjects for no reason tht I can figure (usually one or two people) when on E-TTl. I am curently reading Syl’s book and attempting to master the speedlite, however this is frustrating. Currently I use an older 5D with a 580EX2. Please help.
    Thanks, Van

    • jon t says:

      What mode was your camera in? If it was in aperture priority mode, the camera will expose for ambient light. The dark back ground may have caused the camera to shoot with a very wide aperture. You can exposure compensate the flash stopping it down until the e posture is right.

  4. katy simmonds says:

    I have 2 660EX-RT’s and a an EOS 7D.AM NEW OT FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY I can get the fspeedlite to wrk with the 7D only in ETTL mode. Any tips on how to set the 7D to use manual mode? thanks for your help Katy
    p.s. have just found your video series and am starting to watch

  5. Obede Sant'Ana says:

    Recently I found my first speedlite (it was lost in some old box) – speedlite canon 200e, and still working.
    Do you know if it’s possible to use it with a dslr?
    Is it possible to use it with a yn622c trigger?

    • Syl Arena says:

      I would imagine that you could use it with a simple radio trigger. The issue would be whether you can adjust the power manually on the Speedlite. If you cannot, then it works in E-TTL only and the trigger will not be helpful.

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