Tomorrow I depart on my last roadtrip of the year. From the comfort of my little hilltop in Paso Robles, it looks like I’ll be hitting the four corners of the continental USA (although my friends at Maine Media Workshops might argue with my calling Philly “a corner”). The handy map above is for me—I’m posting it here so that I remember where I put it. Feel free to take a close peek if you want.

I have Hurricane Sandy to thanks for some of this madness. In early October, I had to postpone my Speedliter’s Intensives in Baltimore/DC and Charlotte. So, I added them back on to the end of the tour calendar and then said “heck, as long as I’m going to the east coast, I might as well squeeze in a couple of more stops.” Funny. I said the same thing yesterday when I signed up for the TAP! 2013 conference on e-publishing. So now I have Intensives in Orlando and Tampa scheduled for January.

So, here we go—the final Intensive cities for 2012 (plus a free seminar in LA and a peek at my plans for 2013):

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Beyond January, I expect to take the Intensive to Austin, Boston, Denver, and…give a shout out for your hometown in the comments. (Hello London? Sydney? Cape Town?…I’m game if there’s the interest and someone local to help with marketing/logistics.)



8 Responses to Last Roadtrip of the Year: 4 Corners of the USA

  1. Judith Barat says:

    Would love to see you in Minneapolis where Scott Kelby’s workshop’s have been a huge success. I am sure you would speak to a sell out crowd of avid photographers! I am president of two local camera clubs and have participated in Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs.

    Hope to see you in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the near future,
    Judith Barat

  2. Susan Koppel says:

    Hey Syl – How about Reno? You can come see your buddy MD and put on a workshop! Or you could do one in Paso Robles in conjunction with California Photo Festival? (I went to that for the first time a couple of months ago and it was really fun).

  3. Michael Pachis says:


    Sandy forced you to cancel Memphis. I would love it if you could reschedule in 2013. I will buy you some Memphis BBQ!

  4. scott says:

    Boston? Come on up!

  5. Joshua says:

    How about Toronto? And if the cross-border thing is an issue, consider a spot like Buffalo. The FlashBus tour with Hobby/McNally sold out with a massive Toronto area contingent.

  6. […] details and register on the Speedliters Intensive websiteNote that the extra dates are listed on Syl’s blog ‘pixsylated’ where you can also register plus, you’ll find a coupon code! […]

  7. Eva Brigs says:

    How about Syracuse, NY? It’s central to the big upstate NY cities (Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo.)

  8. Michelle Hall says:

    I would love to see you in Charlotte this week but will not be able to make it. Will you be back in Charlotte in 2013? Or what about coming to Raleigh, NC? I have Speedliter’s Handbook and would love to see you in person. It is my favorite photography reference book!

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