Syl Arena's new book Lighting for Digital Photography

My latest book, Lighting for Digital Photography, will start shipping in a matter of weeks is now available. With an average street price of $14.00, I think that it is a great value for 260+ pages of yours truly. You’ll find it here on Amazon.

As part of Peachpit’s Snapshots to Great Shots series, Lighting for Digital Photography has a great format that presents a ton of info in a very readable manner. For instance, every chapter opens with two Poring Over the Picture spreads in which I talk about the details of some of my favorite photos (such as the shot of an Arena family reunion that I lit with two Speedlites, shown below).

Every chapter opens with a pair of Poring Over the Picture spreads.

Chapter 1: The Five Characteristics of Light talks about how to see and describe light. I go deep into my DICCH model for understanding light—Direction, Intensity, Color, Contrast, and Hardness.

Chapter 1 talks about how to see and describe light.

Chapter 2: Your Light Capturing Machine surveys the fundamentals of camera settings and talks about how each relates to making decisions about lighting.

Chapter 2 connects camera functions to lighting decisions.

Chapter 3: Using the Light Around You covers the differences between natural, artificial, available, and ambient light. It then explains the daily cycle of sunlight and presents many ways to make great shots in natural light (which here in California means how to make great shots in direct sunlight).

Chapter 3 presents many techniques for natural light shoots.

Chapter 4: Creating Your Own Light surveys the many types of photographic light and then goes deep into the fundamentals of flash photography. If you have ever wondered why your shots seem overexposed when you turn your flash on, this will be one of your favorite chapters.

Chapter 4 presents the fundamentals of flash photography.

Chapter 5: Lighting for Tabletop and Macro Photography applies the lighting skills to subjects that don’t move–which is a great way to begin learning how to light.

Chapter 5 applies lighting to still life photography.

Chapter 6: Lighting Fundamentals for Portraits covers ten different shoots in which I used one light to create a great portrait. As importantly, each shoot covers the details of how I managed the ambient light and the specifics of why I used the gear that I did.

Chapter 6 goes deep into shooting portraits with one light.

Chapter 7: Advanced Lighting for Portraits adds additional lights to the conversation. In eight shoots, I cover the making of a wide range of portraits; from glamour headshots to group shots.  The piece I shared a few weeks back on shooting white seamless was excerpted from this chapter.

Chapter 7 shows you how to light portraits with multiple lights.

In the Appendix: The Gear I Use I talk quickly about the specifics of each bit of gear that I used in shooting the book.

The appendix runs through all of my essential bits of gear.


Houston added to Speedliter’s Intensive Fall Tour

Just a quick announcement to say that Houston has been added to my Speedliter’s Intensive Fall Tour. If you would like to go deep into the world of Canon flash photography in a single day, I hope that you’ll check out the tour schedule. You will find the cities, dates, and details here. SAVE $25 with the promo code PX25.


5 Responses to Sneak Peek: Lighting for Digital Photography

  1. Matthew says:

    can’t wait to get the book! looks like a good, handy manual to keep in the bag!

    just a quick note, the chapter 7 preview seems to be off in terms of pictures and their references… i think they are all off by 1… FYI! 🙂

  2. Roger says:

    Love SPEEDLITER’S HANDBOOK and recommend it VERY highly. Already pre ordered Lighting for Digital Photography from Amazon – can’t wait to get my hands and eyes on it!

  3. Sebastian says:

    Can’t wait to buy this book. Greetings from Germany.

  4. Terry Laskey says:

    I just received an email from Amazon that they have shipped my copy of Lighting for Digital Photography. I cannot wait to read it.

  5. Bernie H says:

    I too just got my email ahead of time (after getting an email that the date was bumped up). I’m excited to think that not only will I have your new book in time for your Speedliter’s Intensive on the 28th of October, but I’ll probably have had a chance to read the vast majority of it too now!

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