Canon USA recently launched their QuickGuide series. They are free, downloadable, how-to brochures that you can print, fold, and carry in your gear bag. Click on the pic below and you can take a peek at the front page of the QuickGuide for the 580EX II Speedlite.

At present, there are 15 QuickGuides that cover a wide range of how-to topics — for both photography and HDSLR video. Each is provided as a two-page PDF designed to be printed on standard letter paper (USA) and then folded into a brochure. To see the complete list of titles, click here.

Here are a few QuickGuides that will be of interest to Speedliters:

580EX II Modes and Functions

430EX II Modes and Functions

QuickGuide to Macro Speedlites

Also check out this article written by my friend and personal Canon tech guru, Rudy Winston, that explains the External Automatic Flash Exposure Sensor on the 580EX II.

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  1. Hey Syl,

    These are great! Also…just wanted to say how much I love the Speedliter's Handbook. I've had it now for about two months and between listening to you on multiple podcasts and reading the book I've picked up a lot of knowledge on how to use my 580 EXII's better than ever before. I'm pretty sure I haven't read the entire book quite yet because I keep jumping around but I have to be getting pretty close! It really is quality instruction. Thanks!


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