Nikon announced the successor to their flagship SB-900 Speedlight yesterday. The main difference between the original model, introduced in mid-2008, and the new SB-910 is a re-engineering of the thermal protection circuitry.

Users of the SB-900 often complained that fast-paced shooting would result in the Speedlight shutting down completely until it cooled down to a safe temperature. The work-around, that I often saw used by my Nikonian friends, was to disable the thermal cut-out via a custom function.

With a nod to practicality, the Nikon engineers have reworked the thermal protection so that the SB-910 slows down the recycle time rather than disable the Speedlight entirely. Other improvements include an updated user interface that matches the UI on the SB-700 and new hard filters for shooting under tungsten and fluorescent light.

Joe McNally provided a real-world report here on his blog this morning. You can read the official Nikon press release here.

The SB-910 will ship in mid-December for a price in the mid-$500 range. You can pre-order it here on B&H.


2 Responses to Nikon Addresses Over-Heating With New SB-910 Speedlight

  1. heatherputman says:

    Just received a SB-900 and am disappointed to hear it has the overheating issue. I haven't tried it under rapid-fire yet, but at least I won't be totally confused when it shuts down.

    Does anyone know the manual override to the thermal cut-out? Thanks!

  2. mai victor says:

    Hey fellas, Have you not heard of METZ German quality spectrum light,built Metz up gradable firmware.I threw away 3 SB 800s when Nikon started to defend its quality, saying that ITS YOU and your handling.See what happen to your SB 900s.Bs

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