radiopopper-transmitter The guys at RadioPopper are now officially selling the new PX series. If you’re a PixSylarian, you’ve already read about how great I think ‘Poppers are. [Read: Smashing Pumpkins, I Shot Ben Wilmore, Simple Truths About High-Speed Sync, and Future of Wireless TTL Flash]. These second-generation radio triggers for Canon and Nikon TTL flash are a huge improvement over the original models.

Based on the action I saw at the RadioPopper booth at Imaging USA two weeks ago, I’d say you should order pronto. The response to the new ‘Poppers has been huge — and rightly so in my opinion.

You can go directly to the RadioPopper store and get your order in. If you need to know more about why the PXs are so much better than the (sometimes-tough-to-use) P1s, click here and scroll down for press releases, videos, product shots, etc.

As promised, RadioPopper has a generous trade-in allowance for those who bought the first-generation P1s. For each P1 purchased prior to Oct. 12, 2008, you’ll get $125 towards the purchase of a PX. For each P1 purcahsed after Oct. 12, 2008, you’ll get $180 (the price you paid for it). You’ll need to download this form and send it in with your P1s. More details on the trade-in policy can be found here.

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4 Responses to RadioPopper Now Booking PX Orders

  1. Ziv says:

    I admire what the guys at RadioPopper are doing, but yikes, $249? I’ve bought many PWs over the years and always felt violated while paying $180. For $249 I’m gonna need a nice dinner and lots of foreplay…

  2. Don says:

    I agree with Ziv. I’m waiting for PW to release the MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 system for Nikon and see some testing between the PW products and RadioPoppers. One thing for sure …it’s sure nice to have some options these days.

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