Welcome to PixSylated’s inaugural Random Bytes. Here’s are a handful of recent blogs and web articles that I’ve found interesting. Random Bytes will be published…well, randomly. Enjoy!

Chris Crisman New Portfolio Video

Red Digital Video: Shooting Video for Stills

DP Review: RAW COnvertor Showdown

Technologically Advanced Publishing Conference at NAB in April

Location Lighting: Shooting Family Portraits at Burning Man



Chris Crisman New Portfolio Video—Chris produces beautiful environmental portraits. I admire his work and read his blog regularly. In this post, Chris takes us on a video tour of his new portfolio. Check out Chris’s work on CrismanPhoto.com. Follow him on Twitter.



Red Digital Cinema: Shooting Video for Stills—The intersection of stills and video continues to grow wider. In this post, the gang at Red provide a quick intro to many aspects of using individual video frames for still photography. There’s more to it than many think.



DP Review: RAW Converter Showdown—DP Review compares the three most popular RAW converters in this post. The informative article makes clear recommendations in several categories, including the two most important to me—output options and asset management.



Technologically Advanced Publishing Conference in April at NAB—I attended the TAP! conference in Orlando earlier this month. Those three days were the jumpstart I needed to get my priorities set for 2013. If you’re sorting out how to convert your expertise into a better blog, an app, an ebook, etc., check out the next TAP!—to be held April 8-10, 2013 in Vegas during the NAB show. Yes, I’ll be attending again.



Location Lighting: Shooting Family Portraits at Burning Man—in this post Denver/Minneapolis wedding shooter, RJ Kern, shares his insights on shooting family portraits with the Profoto D1 Air 250 in the dustbowl conditions of Burning Man. RJ talks in detail about why he choose the Profoto gear over Alien Bees, why left his PocketWizards at home, and how he powers his Profoto gear with the $240 Vagabond Mini lithium battery (which I also love). Check out RJ’s work on Kern-Photo.com. (I learned of this post via the Profoto blog.)



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