Random Bytes 130211 highlights the work of so many talented photographers. Enjoy!

Zack Arias: If I had to start my photo business today

Shannon Jensen: A Long Walk

God Made a Farmer: Super Bowl Commercial Shot by Ten Photographers

Photograph (eMag): Issue 2

Digital Convergence Podcast #108: Dean Sherwood on Making Music Videos

Location Lighting (eBook) by Michael Clark


Zack Arias: If I had to start my photo business todayZack Arias is one of the great sources of inspiration in my journey as a professional photographer. While I greatly admire Zack’s photography, the real inspiration I draw is that Zack always speaks from the heart and he always shares what he has. In this webcast, Zack talks about what he’d focus on if he were starting a photography business today. His insights are solid gold and were learned the hard way. If you are a pro or thinking of going pro (even on a part-time basis), give it a listen here on the Photoshelter blog.


Shannon Jensen: A Long Walk—This is a breathtaking and heart-wrenching portfolio of used shoes. Not just random used shoes, but shoes worn by Sudanese refugees who walked for days or weeks to reach the relative safety of South Sudan. No matter how tough today is for you, check out Shannon’s work. Look at the beauty of the images. Then read the brief descriptions of the wearers and their journeys. Then look at the shoes again, pause, and reflect. As simple as these images are, they are the most powerful images I’ve seen in a long while.


God Made A Farmer: Super Bowl Commercial Shot by Ten PhotographersAdWeek rated this the #1 commercial of the 2013 Super Bowl—a tv commercial made entirely of still photographs. I’m the son of three generations of farmers. So, this one resonates with me. If you like to eat (even a little bit), it should resonate with you. Andy Anderson, one of the ten photographers who contributed images to the project, wrote about it here on his blog. If you’ve not seen the commercial, click here.


Photograph (eMag) Issue 2—The Craft & Vision team released issue #2 of the beautiful Photograph eMag. It features the work of and interviews with Martin Bailey, Andy Biggs, and Chris Orwig. You’ll also find several other articles by a wide range of insightful photographers.  Check it out here. And, while you’re there, check out the extensive collection of beautiful eBooks that Craft & Vision has published recently.


Digital Convergence Podcast #108: Dean Sherwood on Making Music Videos—The gang at the Digital Convergence Podcast sits down with London director/filmmaker Dean Sherwood and talks about his evolution into the world of making music videos with the Canon 5DM2 and C300. If you’re interested in making images that move, check it out.


Location Lighting (eBook) by Michael ClarkAdventure photographer Michael Clark published a 277-page ebook on location lighting this week. Michael is an experienced shooter with a long client list. This beautifully designed eBook covers the use of big and small lights in a wide range of outdoor locations. Check it out on his blog.

Location Lighting eBook Michael Clark


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