The past several days have certainly been an interesting time to be in NYC. Throughout my Speedliter’s Intensive on Sunday in Manhattan, I marveled at how desolite 6th Avenue appeared without the usual crush of pedestrians and taxis. Still, nearly 50 robust Canonistas showed up for a great day.

Not surprisingly, Sandy has already caused major disruptions throughout the region and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I’ve had to cancel this week’s upcoming Intensives. If there is any good news in this, it is that in rescheduling the Sandified tour stops, I’ve been able to add Chicago, Philly, and Fort Lauderdale into the updated schedule. Hope to see you out there. Stay safe!

Updated Speedliter’s Intensive™ Tour Dates

Listed alphabetically by city. Remember, you can use the promo code PX25 to save $25 on the registration.

Baltimore / Washington DC – Thu. Dec 13 (details)

Charlotte – Dec. 18 (details)

Chicago – Fri. Nov 16 (details)

Dallas / Ft. Worth – Mon. Nov 5 (details)

Fort Lauderdale – Sat Dec 15 (details)

Houston – Wed. Nov 7 (details)

Los Angeles – Sun. Nov 18 (details)

Philadelphia – Tue. Dec 11 (details)

Phoenix – Wed Nov. 14 (details)

Portland, OR – Sun. Dec 9 (details)

San Francisco – Sat. Dec 1 (details)

Seattle – Fri. Dec 7 (details)


3 Responses to Sandy Disrupts Speedliter’s Intensive Tour — Revised Schedule, Chicago, Philadelphia, & Fort Lauderdale Added

  1. Bernie Hoelschen says:

    For anyone that is reading this and is on the fence about trying to make it to the Speedliter’s Intensive, the time to hop off, use your discount code and pick up your ticket for the city nearest you is now.

    One afternoon with Syl Arena will change the way you see light (and shadows), and hopefully, will help you improve the way you utilize light (specifically Speedlites) in your photography. Syl not only knows his stuff, but is an excellent speaker and instructor.

    I can only hope Syl comes back to the East Coast next summer for another week-long workshop (like the one with Maine Media this past summer).

    Thanks again Syl!

  2. Scott says:

    Totally bummed, forgot about the intensive in Chicago tomorrow. I’m booked all day and can’t call in.

  3. Juli Bark says:

    Was fortunate enough to be able to attend Syl’s Speedlight Intensive in Chicago. It was nothing short of FANTASTIC. Syl’s depth of knowledge, down-to-earth approach to teaching and pragmatic approach to photography is refreshing. My only recommendation for improvement would be to steer the uber beginners to some guide to get some of their questions addressed or to cover their questions during a break; we did have a “question monopolizer” in the audience and it really detracted from some of the material and points I’m sure Syl could have made with ample time for covering his intended subject matter.

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