In my guest blog on Tiffinbox, I respond to seven excuses for not using flash.

•  “I’m a purist and only use available light.”
•  “I don’t need flash because I can always turn the ISO up.”
•  “I always shoot in bright light, so I don’t need flash.”
•  “Flash limits the shutter speeds that I can use. A sync speed of 1/250″ is too slow.”
•  “Flash is unreliable. It changes from frame to frame”
•  “Flash always looks bad.”
•  “Flash looks artificial.”

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2 Responses to Seven Excuses For Not Using Flash

  1. marc says:

    i wonder why nikon, with their CLS system, does not transmit i-TTL data to off camera flash,,,unless you want to shell out a ton of $$ for pocket wizards. if its truely a "creative lighting system" then why do they rely on third party solutions?

    • Syl Arena says:

      Marc – Nikon, just like Canon, has a robust wireless communication system built into their Speedlights. And, again like Canon, the Nikon CLS system is fully capable of controlling the off-camera flashes in either automatic (I-TTL / E-TTL) or manual mode.

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