“To create interesting light, you have to create interesting shadows.” My favorite mantra has a new outlet. Dubai’s Gulf Photo Plus has kindly published my article Shadowing and Other Revolutionary Ideas For Speedliting. In the article, I share three fundamental concepts that I use every time I shoot. Click here to read it.

If you don’t know GPP, you should. Every spring, for a week, GPP produces a photo festival that attracts instructors and students from around the world. For a look at the workshops offered last year, click here. GPP also offers classes year-round for locals and produces FotoWeekend each fall.


2 Responses to Shadowing and Other Revolutionary Ideas For Speedliting

  1. Mark says:

    Flash 101 with some advanced techniques thrown in – fantastic stuff! Thanks Syl !

  2. Randy says:

    Very informative article. Well written and easy to understand! Great stuff

    Thanks Syl!

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