I’ll head out early Monday morning for the first leg of my five-week Speedliter’s Intensive tour. First up are Austin, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles/Long Beach. Then I’ll make a quick dash home for Mother’s Day. Busy first week.

Also on the line-up are: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Denver, Detroit, Hartford, NYC, St Louis, Salt Lake City, SF Bay Area, and Washington DC.

The Intensive is a one-day crash course on my approach to flash photography. To see the details, the calendar, and a promo code that saves $25, click here.


3 Responses to Speedliter’s Intensive Spring Tour Kicks Off Next Week. First Stops: Austin, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles

  1. Diane from MI says:

    Syl, Thanks for coming to Michigan, and thank you sooo much for today’s awesome workshop. I can’t wait to try out the things I learned. You renewed my interest in shooting!

    So great to learn from a canonista; you are an amazing teacher. And I promise to never again allow my flash’s lens diffuser to see the light of day!!!

  2. Thanks for the very informative Speedliter’s Intensive in Long Beach Last month. My knowledge of the new 600 ex-rt system has grown leaps and bounds since the seminar. I also appreciate the heads up on the Bolt battery packs. Very good quality, and much cheaper than the Canon product. I also ordered the Westcott Apollo softboxes and they have already earned their money after only two shoots. Thanks again!

  3. Donald Chalfy says:

    Speedliter’s Intensive, Minneapolis MN

    Dear Syl,

    Thank you for coming to Minneapolis and sharing your passion and knowledge of photography and speedliting. Your personal attention, creative vision, and vibrant personality made a profound impact on me and is starting to transform the way I approach photography in a much more impassioned and creative way. The materials provided were/are excellent and in conjunction with the Speedliter’s Handbook, by Syl Arena, enable one to open up to a world of fun and amazing ways to create compelling images using speedlites in a way most people may not think about.

    Two quotes of yours come to the forefront of my mind when I pick up my camera or I am training myself to see light and shadow:
    1. “I am a photographer, not a retoucher.”
    2. “To have interesting light, there has to be interesting shadows.”

    My heartfelt thanks for a wonderful experience.

    To those who may read this message:

    If their is a chance to attend a workshop with Syl Arena, may I recommend jumping at that chance. You will leave empowered. Also, if you don’t currently have Speedliter’s Handbook, get it. This is an absolute must have book for speedliting.


    Don Chalfy

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