My second online video course, Working with Speedlites: Multiple Flash Photography, just launched on Like the first course (on one-flash photography), this course was months in the making. Again, I want to give a huge shout of thanks to every Canonista who asked the gang at KT to produce Canon-specific training.

The course has 13 segments and runs 97 minutes. It covers a wide range of concepts, techniques, and gear that you can use to make great images with two or more Speedlites. I demonstrate how to set up the master Speedlite and one or more slaves. I take the mystery out of the Canon ratios and shoot multiple Speedlites in a variety of ways.

As for the topics that I covered:

  1. Introduction: The Importance of Shadows
  2. Manual Flash and Gear
  3. ETTL Flash and Gear
  4. One-Light Portraits
  5. More Soft Light Techniques
  6. Triggering A One-Light Outdoor Portrait
  7. Setting the Master Speedlite
  8. Setting the Slave Speedlite(s)
  9. Putting It All Together
  10. Creating Beauty Light
  11. Making a Key and Accent Light Set-Up
  12. How to Photograph a Group
  13. After Dark

Click here to read the details about the contents of each segment.

If you’ve not checked out Kelby Training, you should. The site offers on-demand training videos on a wide range of photo topics (click here for a list). You can subscribe by the month or by the year. You can even try it for free (click here).

The media player on KT’s site remembers what you’ve watched–so you can come and go as you please. You can also watch individual segments as many times as you desire.


4 Responses to New Multi-Speedlite Course on Kelby Training

  1. Budd Johnson says:

    Sly, will your Working with Speedlites, be available on DVD?

  2. Gerald Winkker says:

    Excellent lesson Syl. Can you provide part numbers (B&H links) to the Lovegrove type Manfrotto mini ball head and spigots for the flash adapter you utilized in the lesson. Thanks

  3. Paul Howard says:

    Awesome lesson Syl! Between this and your book, you convinced me to buy a new charger, new batteries, and an extra long ETTL cord (which I just got, thanks!). So much great info.
    Have you tried the Phottix Odin remotes yet? Just wondering what your opinion is, as they look like they may be a great contender!

  4. John tremvlay says:

    Went on your site to download the images necessary to practice what is in your books . There is a wordpress inscription necessary and it does not work . impossible to access your site

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