Light and Lighting by Syl ArenaI am pleased to announce that I have officially started working on my next book. Light and Lighting will be published in June by Peachpit Press (the publisher of my Speedliter’s Handbook). As part of Peachpit’s From Snapshots to Great Shots series, it will present fundamental concepts about light and various techniques of photographic lighting at a level accessible to novice shooters.

My main goal for the book is to take a photographer who is moving beyond the realm of the point-and-shoot and introduce him/her to the basics of how to use light in a variety of situations. Unlike the Speedliter’s Handbook, which heads deep into flash photography, Light and Lighting will explore the use and shaping of natural light as much as it does artificial light—flash, tungsten, fluorescent, and LED.

I’ve outlined eight chapters—although this is subject to change over the next four months as I actually write and shoot the book:
1.  The Five Characteristics of Light
2.  Available Light–Outdoors
3.  Available Light–Indoors
4.  Lights For Photographers
5.  Lighting Still-Life, Product, and Nature
6.  Headshots and Group Shots With One Light
7.  Headshots and Group Shots With Multiple Lights
8.  Action, Sports, and Motion

 The book is already available for pre-order here on Amazon. If all goes as planned, it will start shipping at the end of June.



9 Responses to My Next Book…Light and Lighting: From Snapshots To Great Shots

  1. Howard Smith says:

    Can’t wait. I’m in the middle of Speeliter’s Handbook right now. Lot’s of great information for using Canon Speedlites. Please keep us advised on publication. I’m sure it will be another must-have for us Canon shooters.

  2. Aaron says:

    Looks like a great book. I was at PhotoPro Expo this weekend and enjoyed your talks. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Randy P says:

    Pre order in, looking forward to it.

  4. Robert says:

    Are you planning an updated edition of the Speedliter’s Handbook including the new Canon Flash system? Will Light and Lighting… book include the new flash system?


    • Syl Arena says:

      Robert – Thanks for asking. To early to tell if the Speedliter’s Handbook will be revised to include the new gear…which opens Pandora’s Box to a load of other changes that I’d want to make. The alternative will be to write a stand-alone book for the new system. I will start on one or the other after I finish Light & Lighting — which is not brand specific in any way. So, other than a brief mention, the new gear will not be featured prominently in L&L.

  5. SHO says:

    Yes, i agree with your idea to come up with a stand alone totally different book that will cover the new flash system. It wouldn’t be wise to have just the revised edition of your “Speedlite bible” to cover it as most people including myself have already purchased the book. No one would want to get the same thing again just because the new flash system has been included in revised edition.

  6. Douglas Cook says:


    Bought “From Snapshots to Great Shots”, just right for me at the beginner level. I have been looking for

    Has it been moved or renamed?


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