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Lighting Persona, the second of my two December presentations in the Event Space at B&H Photo’s NYC superstore, is now on YouTube. In this video, I go through a number of shoots and the ways I shaped light to create the persona of the subject. Although my first session, Multi-Flash Speedliting (here on YouTube) was specific to Canon Speedlites, the concepts in Lighting Persona apply to all types of light — large and small, flash and continuous.

Click here for the HD version.

Click here for a standard-def version.

In the presentation, I talk about:

  • Deciding Whether You Are a Pictorialist Or a Documentarian
  • Why Lighting Is Really About Shadowing
  • Controlling Ambient Light For Creative Effect
  • Hard and Soft: Shaping Light To Match Your Vision
  • Using Gels For Color Correction and Dramatic Effect

For a more detailed look at how I shoot with flash, including footage from a number of studio and location shoots, check out my Multi-Speedlite Course on Kelby Training.

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4 Responses to Lighting Persona — Online at YouTube

  1. Have to say i loved this you explained things really well and have made me think of a few different ways to do things. One thing i would love to here about if you get a chance and i dont know how important it is or if you use it when in setting for flash mode i see TTL AutoExtflash and Ma.ext flash blackout what are they for and do you ever use them thanks again for your great insight

    Dene Wessling

  2. Fredrik says:

    I've watched both of your presentations from B&H, and must say both are absolutely awesome. Most I've seen from various other photographers skip over important bits and seem to hold back on some info, this is hands down one the best I've seen. Cudos! You should make a DVD on both of these.
    As I live in Sweden, where we rarely get a chance to attend these live, I am ever grateful for these online shows that has so much useful content as opposed to those posing as seminars but in reality is little more than a long commercial.
    Although I'm shooting Nikons I'll be following you closely! Again, great stuff. Thank you!

  3. Julian Mole says:

    Hi Syl,

    I’d like to thank you and B&H Photo for sharing your presentation on Youtube. I enjoyed watching it and feel it helped reinforced a lot of what I’ve learnt from your wonderful book. 🙂

    I’m now getting out there and practicing all these speedliting techniques for myself!

    Thank you, you’re ability to communicate your knowledge in a clear and easily understood way makes you a great teacher.

    Regards from the UK,


  4. WOW, great post. Glad to be here. It helps me to clear many of my doubts. Thanks.

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