Save the dates: August 4–10 and August 11–17, 2013. I have two weeklong lighting workshops scheduled at Maine Media this year. Midcoast Maine + August + playing with light for a week = Summer camp for lucky adults.

My Canon Speedlites Demystified workshop runs Aug 4–10. This will be the third summer that I teach this great session that focuses exclusively on…you guessed it, Canon Speedlites. We start the week with an exploration of one-light techniques and end the week with everyone shooting multiple Speedlites. Even if you hardly know how to use a pop-up flash, if you shoot Canon and want to learn flash, this is the workshop for you. Check out the details here on the Maine Media site.

My new Creative Lighting on Location workshop (Aug 11–17) is for shooters who already have a working knowledge of flash photography and want to push into using mixed lighting and strobes (Einsteins, Profoto D1s, etc.) on location. Of course, what’s a strobe good for without a toolbox of modifiers? So, we’ll also play with a range of softboxes, grids, gels, etc. as we shoot portraits on a wide range of indoor and outdoor locations. You’ll find the details here on the Maine Media site.

And yes, if you are looking for an excuse to spend two weeks in the beautiful central coast of Maine, then consider Canon Speedlites Demystified as a great way to get up to speed for Creative Lighting on Location.


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