Lighting for Digital Photography, my new book, started shipping last week. As with any creative who watches his work go out into the world for public comment, the early part of the week was a nail-biting time for me. Then the first reader review came in on Amazon, and then the second, and the third, and the forth–all 5-stars. While these reviews are certainly good for my ego, they also serve to help others believe in the value of the book.

So, when you finish reading L4DP, please click here and add your review to Amazon. Each and every one, long or short, counts!


One Response to Thanks for the Reviews. Every One Counts!

  1. Mike Kelly says:

    Oct 28 in NY was great, I came home with a list of ideas to try. Learned some new techniques and committed to change the way I approach lighting. I’ve read the hand out a dozen times and continue to find something new each time. I left the seminar excited and would attend again when you come back. Strong recommendation, I realized a complete return on my investment in the first hour.

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