I had the great fortune this week to return to the This Week in Photo (TWiP) podcast as a guest host alongside TWiP’s effervescent host Frederick Van Johnson and architectural photographer extraordinaire Jeffrey Totaro.

During the show, I come clean on why I suddenly went off-line for five months–starting with my trip to Brazil last August. As Frederick puts it, I went “all Jimmy Hoffa and came back.”

We also have rousing conversations about our individual thoughts on

  • New features added to Photoshop CC (and our opinions on Adobe’s Creative Cloud business model)
  • Whether the Japanese camera market is in jeopardy and what the future of cameras holds for consumers / enthusiasts / pros
  • Scott Kelby’s switch from Nikon to Canon and why we do or don’t have camera allegiances (including the real reasons I shoot Canon).

You can watch a video of us recording the podcast (complete with all of my crazy eye rolls and hand waving) by scrolling past our mugshots to the viewer window below.


You see the full program page on This (which includes links to the sites/items we talk about in the show and an interview with Scott Braut and Keren Sachs of Shutterstock) by clicking here.

Click here if you cannot see the video embedded above.



5 Responses to This Week In Photo #344: The Return of Syl Arena

  1. Terry miller says:

    Congratulions on the new job. Thanks for giving back to your community. Does this mean no 2014 workshops?

  2. Syl, I’m a new fan of Frederick’s TWIP show and an old fan of yours. Loved the fact that you went off-line for 5 months. This is something I’m also considering as a way to sort out what I want to do in the next phase of my photo career. But tell me, when you took your break, did you keep up with social media, did you keep in touch with colleagues, or did you unplug completely from that side of things as well?

    • Syl Arena says:

      @Marlene – You can ask my friends…I unplugged completely. I seldom peeked at social media. When an email came in inquiring if I was OK, I tried to reply, but sometimes did not. Unplugging gives you the time to sort out what’s truly important and what’s a distraction.

  3. Anthony Tassarotti says:

    Congrats on the new gig and looking forward to your Speedlite 600 book you mentioned during TWIP 344. In the meantime, did you ever make available the handout you provided during your last B&H workshop? I would love to have a PDF of it.

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