Canon’s Digital Learning Center recently posted the video of my December presentation Mastering the Speedlite 600EX-RT. I had a great time at the Canon Hollywood Professional Technology Center. Thanks to all the Speedliters who attended.

If you’re looking for tips on how to maximize the potential of your 600EX-RT or wondering whether you should upgrade to the new Speedlite system, click here to watch it. The video is divided into eight sections. So it’s easy to jump to the topic of greatest interest.

  • Overview
  • The Menu System
  • Radio Wireless Flash
  • Understanding Group Mode
  • Menu-based Speedlite Control
  • Light Modifiers
  • Remote Shooting
  • Real World Radio Wireless Flash Q&A

5 Responses to Video: Mastering the Speedlite 600EX-RT

  1. budd Johnson says:

    When is the new flash mini book coming out?

  2. Hank Wright says:

    I was at this seminar and this video rocks. Great job by canon technology group. Now I can go back and focus on a specific aspect of the 600RX and transmitter. A must for every Speedliter!

    Syl, I still want to make this material into an ebook for you. That way I could take it with me into the field. email me…

  3. Robert Palomino says:

    Syl, thanks to you and Canon for putting these videos up. I wasn’t able to make it to the seminar, so this really helps answer questions I had on the new speedlite and transmitter.

  4. Dan says:

    Hi Syl,
    Great lecture. I’ve had 3 600’s and the ST-E3-RT since they came out and love the system. Only comment is I think you’re a little hard on the Canon gel holder (not that you were really hard on it). I use them with the Flashbenders, umbrellas, softboxes … the only thing they don’t work with is the Rogue grid (which has its own gel kit). Of course it doesn’t work with everything but I like the convenience and professionalism the of the new gel system.

  5. Dan Kasberger, Chicago says:

    Well done! I’m glad your included in the CDLC.
    Here’s a nomination for Explorers of Light!
    Great Day!

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