In an industry filled with hype and BS, Zack Arias rips down the velvet curtain and talks honesty about being a professional imagemaker in his outstanding Photography Q&A. If you hope to earn a paycheck with your camera, Photography Q&A is a must read.

I was hooked when I read Question 2…”Do you ever feel like a farce or a phony.” This is a bold question addressed to a guy with 50,000+ followers on Twitter and a worldwide audience of blog readers and workshop attendees. Zack’s honest reply “All the time. Every day.” is typical of the powerful content in Photography Q&A.

Zack talks openly about his journey with the craft and business of photography. He talks about his gear, his workflow, his marketing, his portfolio, and so much more. Zack talks candidly and honestly—as he always does.

The power of Photography Q&A is that Zack answers real questions from real shooters. Each of the 100+ questions in the book were submitted by shooters from around the globe to Zack’s Photography Q&A Tumblr.

Some of my other favorite questions include:

  • What’s your philosophy about buying equipment? (page 31)
  • How important do you think post-processing is to your success as a photographer? (page 48)
  • Is it okay to compare yourself with other photographers or not? (page 129)
  • How long did it take for you to feel confident enough in your work to sell it to others? (page 140)
  • Is it better to take the underpriced jobs at a silly rate and have work coming in, or politely say thanks but no, and have nothing? (page 176)
  • How to you carry your assorted big stuff? (page 182)
  • How to you get potential clients to be actual paying clients? (page 256)
  • Any advice for creating personal projects? (page 272)

The world is awash with images and photographers. Photography Q&A is a unique book in our over-supplied industry. Buy Photography Q&A. Read it. Then read it again.

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3 Responses to Must Read Book: Zack Arias’ Photography Q&A

  1. I had the (unexpected) pleasure of meeting Zack at PhotoPlus 2012 the day before going to one of Syl’s first Speedliter’s Intensive classes in NYC. He was very down to Earth and a nice guy, even though we didn’t really talk all that much (I didn’t want to ‘fanboy’ him so I let him know that I was a huge fan of his one light work and left him to do his thing).

    Thanks for the tip about the book Syl, I hope to pick it up soon!

  2. I think I’m going to have to pick this up. It’s nice to know you’re not as crazy as you thought you were.

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