Purpose of This Page – Disclosure of Material Connections

This page is intended to meet the requirements of 16 CFR, Part 255 of the Federal Trade Commission’s “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


Statements of Opinion Based On My Experience / Guest Posts and Comments Are Opinions of Others

PixSylated.com contains pages and posts in which I express my opinions based upon my experiences as a professional imagemaker. Occasionally, I report industry news. Mostly, the content represents my opinion. Other than as described below, I am not paid or otherwise compensated by manufacturers, distributors, retailers, etc. to promote any item, service, or event.

My experience and needs are different than your experience and needs. As such, you should conduct your own due diligence prior to taking actions or making purchases. Your experiences with a particular piece of gear, service, or event may be better or worse than my own.

Guest posts are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily concur with my opinions and views. Likewise, comments posted by readers are the opinions of the commenter and do not necessarily concur with my opinions and views.


Income From Affiliate Sales & Advertising

While this site does not make much money (relative to the time put into it), it does earn some.

Many of the text links and sidebar banners shown on PixSylated.com are affiliate links — meaning that if you make a purchase after clicking through the link, I will receive a small commission from the vendor. The price you pay for the item or service is no different than if you had typed in the URL directly. Your support of PixSylated.com in this manner is appreciated greatly.

The main vendors linked on PixSylated.com are B&H Photo Video and Amazon. There are other affilate vendors, including, but not limited to: BorrowLenses, Zacuto, and GoPro. Vendors may be added or deleted at any time.

If you are opposed to the payment of income through affiliate relationships, you should not use the links on PixSylated.com. Instead, enter the URL of the target site directly into your browser or use a search engine to connect to the referenced page.

At present, PixSylated.com does not accept paid advertising.


Coverage of My Books, Videos, Workshops, Seminars, and Lectures

In addition to my work as a professional imagemaker, I am an author and educator. Although it is not the case in every instance, sometimes I am paid for teaching and for making appearances. You should assume that I am receiving compensation in some form when I write about books, videos, workshops, seminars, and/or lectures that have my name attached to the title or that include me as a presenter.

For instance, I am paid to teach at Maine Media Workshops, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Gulf Photo PlusPaso Robles Workshops, and other venues. I receive royalties for my books published through Peachpit Press and for my videos on Kelby Training.


Loaner and Evaluation Gear / Review Copies of Books and Videos

Occasionally, I receive gear from manufacturers and distributors on short- or long-term loans. Some of the companies from which I have received gear during the past many years are: F.J. Westcott, Lastolite, Expo Imaging, Honl Photo, Manfrotto, RadioPopper, PocketWizard, and Gradus Group. I’ve forgotten the names of the companies who sent me gear that I did not like.

If I choose to write about gear, that decision is based on my experiences with the gear and not on the fact that it was provided to me for evaluation. I have often elected not to write about gear because I determined that it did not fit my needs or standards. I also write about gear that I have purchased, rented, or borrowed from friends.

For the record, the only gear I am provided by Canon comes through their Canon Professional Services program, which provides limited gear loans up to 14 days. Membership is open to the public.

I also receive review copies of books and videos published by Peachpit Press, Rocky Nook, Amherst, Kelby Training, and others. Again, if I choose to write about a book or video, I do so because I feel that the content warrants coverage and commentary — not because it was sent to me on a complimentary basis. I have piles of review copies that I have never written about. Likewise, I have often written about books and videos that I have purchased directly or borrowed from friends.



If these matters are an ongoing concern to you, feel free to check back. This page may change without notice.

Updated: February 18, 2012.