Canon Professional Network, a great online resource produced by Canon Europe, just published my new article on deciding which Speedlite is the best for your needs. In the article I walk about:

  • Advantage of a Speedlite over pop-up flash
  • Features to consider when buying a Speedlite
  • Model-specific features and recommendations

Click here to read the article on CPN’s site.



One Response to ‘Light Fantastic! Find The Right Speedlite’ – My New Article For Europe’s Canon Pro Network

  1. Anna says:

    I accidentally came across your event at B&H. I am glad I did. I’ve shoot for years but always intimiditated of speedlites. I wanted to learn but the videos I’ve watched confused me. (I am not techie). I watched yours and amazed with the clarity of how you explained it. You are a great teacher. Thanks for sharing it to the world.

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