If you are in the NYC-area, I hope that you will join me at the B&H Event Space on Sunday, March 15 for a free seminar—Crafting Great Light With Canon Speedlites. I will provide a complete update to how my workflow has changed since I started with Canon’s 600EX-RT radio Speedlite system. I’ll also cover how Canon’s new cameras continue to make Speedliting easier. Of course, I will also share loads of insights into how I used Speedlites to create shots like the one just below—lit with a single Speedlite and the Strobos grid kit. Thanks to Canon USA for sponsoring this event. Hope to see you at B&H!



3 Responses to Free NYC Seminar, Crafting Great Light With Canon Speedlites, Sun. Mar 15

  1. Paul Parkinson LRPS says:

    Shoot Canon? Check!
    Shoot with speedlights? Check!
    Love Syl’s work with speedlights? Check!
    Own a few books by him? Check!
    Event happens to be my birthday? Check!
    Gonna be in NY? Dammit.
    Have a great session everyone who can attend!!

  2. Laurie Wahlig says:

    Will this also be available to view online? I learn so much from all of his presentations….but live in Iowa!

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