I remain humbled by the success of my Speedliter’s Handbook. Recently, the Handbook passed 400 reader reviews on Amazon. That is a stratospheric number for a photography book. Heartfelt thanks go out to every reader who took the time to share their thoughts on the book. When the book was launched four years ago, I never expected it to be embraced by so many shooters.

Looking forward…I’ve been hard at work for these past many months on a complete update of the Handbook (as evidenced by my complete lack of posts here on PixSylated since August). The 2nd-edition will be published this spring. Of course, the new edition will go deep into my work with Canon’s radio-enabled 600EX-RT Speedlites. It also contains a complete update to all of my Speedliting workflows. I am also quite excited about all of the new light modifiers that will be featured in the book. You can check out the cover below and read a few details here on Amazon.



12 Responses to ‘Speedliter’s Handbook’ Tops 400 Reader Reviews On Amazon! New Edition Coming This Spring.

  1. CharlestonDave says:

    Looking forward to it, Syl! Let us know when we can pre-order.

  2. Juan Gonzalez says:

    Yeah!, I mean boo, I mean Yeah! Great news on the new edition. As an owner of two 600ex-rt I can’t wait to get more information on how to better use these complicated units. However, yesterday I just bought another copy of the first edition to replace my old, beat up one. Oh well, that won’t stop me from buying the second edition. Syl, than you for all your efforts sharing your wisdon with us.

  3. Doug Hall says:

    Congrats! I just left this review on Amazon.com:

    When I decided to pick up the camera again three years ago I wanted a book that would help me move into the digital world. I owned a rarely used Canon 40D at the time. Someone suggested I look at Syl Arena’s book. That was the best advice I have ever received in my photography journey. If I have one complaint about this book it is that it is misnamed. This is a book for anyone interested in all aspects of photography, not just flash, and for someone with any brand of camera, not just Canon. Syl is a master teacher and the book is one of the best organized I’ve seen. If the book says see Fig. 7a, it is on the same page or facing page. You don’t have to turn to the next page to see it. In the past three years, I have participated in a number of photography classes and seminars – a week long professional immersion course, Photoshop World, a day long workshop with Scott Kelby, lynda.com, Creative Live, and many others. Without a doubt Speedliter’s Handbook is the most helpful resource I have discovered. I was lucky enough to attend a day-long session with Syl at Zack Arias’ studio in Atlanta. He is a kind and humble man and I’m sure he would not like me to compare him directly to the other trainers I have met. I can only say that Syl and Zack are two of the finest men and instructors I have had to pleasure to encounter. Buy this book! My copy is falling apart I use it so much.

  4. Really enjoyed the book and look forward to the new updated edition. Agree let us know when we can pre order.

  5. John Hepburn says:

    I saw Syl in Denver about a year ago. Wonderful passionate teacher who breaks it down into idiot language so I can understand. Pre-ordered from Amazon last week. Can wait to get this!!

  6. Peter Shaw says:

    Can’t wait for the new edition to come out. I’ve read through the first edition a number of times now, always find something useful.

    I just wrote a review of the 1st Edition on Amazon. Thank you again Syl for such a great book, and your patient and thorough explanations from the simplest concepts to the most challenging. I’ve gone from gazing in wonder at well-crafted photographs to beginning to understand how it’s done, and trying out my own off-camera flash photos.

  7. fraser says:

    One of the best photography books I have purchased and totally revolutionized my approach to lighting! Wholeheartedly recommended by myself and my friends who have always answered “Yes” when I asked, “Can I just try something?…” they now all have portraits on their walls. I only wish I had waited a few months and got the 2nd edition instead

  8. Tabbii says:

    This is exciting news and I just bought the first version with my 600ex-rt will I still benefit from it? Thanks a lot

  9. I have been anxiously awaiting the new addition with it’s inclusion of the 600ex-rt system.

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  11. Khanh says:

    Will it be translated in German? When could I buy the German Version?

    • Syl Arena says:

      Khanh – Yes, I believe the new Speedliter’s Handbook will eventually be translated into German. Typically this takes many months after the publication of the English edition.

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