For all who have inquired over the past several months, I’ve just decided to hold a five-day lighting workshop, April 23-27 in my hometown (Paso Robles–halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco).

If you’ve ever wondered how to combine strobes and small flash, this workshop is for you. Over the course of five days, we’ll combine large strobes (think Profoto D1 Air on a battery pack) and small flash (think Canon Speedlites or Nikon Speedlights). We’ll shoot on a variety of locations–both indoors and outside.

In this workshop, I’ll combine everything I learned over 15 years of shooting large lights with all I know about using small flash. Both systems have their strengths and challenges. I’ve found, by using both, that there can be a great synergy between the two.

The week also promises to be a great one in terms of food and scenery. As the hub of California’s central coast wine district, Paso Robles is a town for foodies. So, each day, we’ll walk a few minutes from the studio and have lunch at some of my favorite cafes and restaurants.

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  1. Penny says:

    Please confirm if you will be demonstrating 600EX & ST E3 @ Paso Robles Workshop? Compatible w my 60D ?

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