On This Week In Photo #434, I join Frederick Van Johnson and Sara France for a spirited, hour-long conversation about recent events and announcements in the world of photography. You can watch (or listen) to it right here on TWiP.

Speedliting Events In NYC This Week During PhotoPlus

Heading to PhotoPlus this week? Click here for info on my free Speedliting events. And…when you see that guy with the crazy red hair, be sure to come up and introduce yourself as a PixSylarian.



4 Responses to TWiP 434: Photography, Evolved.

  1. […] The prints in the Canon gallery are also stunning. Thank you to Syl Arena of Pixsylated, and this episode of the TWiP podcast for the tip (I probably would not have known about the new flash had I not listened). On the page I […]

  2. Shane says:

    Fun as usual. I like these sessions.

    The 430 EX III-RT mention got me to investigating, and the fact that it is about half the cost of the 600 EX-RT makes it very tempting, but I keep running up against the one-stop-less light issue. True, I can use two of them and get the same bang but then I save no bucks. But how many times do I need the full output? And the answer is when I’d have it buried inside a modifier that eats light. Sigh.

  3. Robbin says:

    What is going on with Syl? Are you doing any workshops this year?

  4. Bryan says:


    I just did your light meter test from page 381 in new addition of your book.

    I did the exact same test, except kept 600 on camera @ 36″ to meter ( sekonic 508). I did test two days in a row and results were : In ETTL at wide open 1.2 and at f11 and from 1/160- 8000 there was almost ZERO change in output. My meter read F11.2-11.5 only. It never dropped 2 1/2 stops ? ONLY in Manual did it drop and that was 2 stops
    even. What gives, what am I doing wrong? I do t think I’m doing anything wrong? The meter can’t lie ? Also, there seems to be a contradiction on HSS in M v/s ETTL for over all power. My test tell me I get much more power /output in Manual , but ETTL for consistency seems better — please clearify bullit point # 6 on page 381 “So the take away is…”
    Kind Regards, BK

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