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Video: Hands-On With The Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite & ST-E3-RT Speedlite Transmitter | PixSylated

Here is the first of two videos that we shot this week while I was evaluating Canon’s new 600EX-RT Speedlite and the ST-E3-RT Speedlite Transmitter. Go with me on location for a series of quick shoots where I put the new gear to the test indoors and outside. Later, in Part Two, I’ll take you on a detailed tour of all the buttons and menus. It took me about 30-seconds with this new gear to realize that Canon has re-defined the future os Speedliting. After watching this video, I think you’ll understand why!

Also, if you’ve not already read it, you’ll get a ton of questions answered in my First Impressions post.

[vimeo video_id=”37784714″ width=”601″ height=”338″ title=”Yes” byline=”Yes” portrait=”No” autoplay=”No” loop=”No” color=”00adef”]


83 Responses to Video: Hands-On With The Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite & ST-E3-RT Speedlite Transmitter

  1. Alan says:

    Nice work in getting this info out quickly. From what I am seeing, other than the new wireless capability, there does not appear to be all that much in the way of additional creative control over what we can do today with a set of 580EXIIs. Can you, for example, set two remote flashes on manual mode with the master on ETTL…and be able to remotely adjust the remote manual power settings? In the current system you can force the remotes into manual, but can’t make remote adjustments

    Perhaps you’ll be covering this type of thing in the next set of videos.

  2. Hey Syl

    A couple of questions.

    1. What was the max distance you tested the Radio frequency at and how was it effective at max distance?

    2. What is the max sync? (sorry if you mentioned it I missed it)



  3. Chris Gampat says:

    Great job on this video Syl. Can’t wait to see the next one.

    Is there a way to control the volume of the beep on the ST E3 RT?


  4. Will either the 600ex-rt speedlite & st-e3-rt speedlite transmitter communicate wirelessly with any of the current speedlites?

    • Syl Arena says:

      600EX-RT will work with legacy Speedlites in the old-school optical transmission mode. The ST-E3 is radio only. The system cannot run in radio and optical transmission at the same time.

  5. Dave Nunez says:

    Any chance Canon will offer Radiopopper-style adapters for triggering older speedlites and studio strobes?

  6. […] take on things. He’s been playing with them and has some first impressions and some hands-on […]

  7. LENNY NGUYEN says:

    Thanks for a great video. Could you control the 600EX from the LCD on the back of your 5DM2 or 60D? What part of the menu is not compatible?

    • Syl Arena says:

      With 600EX-RT on my 5DM2 and 60D, I can control all regular Speedlite functions — except for wireless menu — on camera’s LCD. Looks like wireless must be controlled directly on 600EX-RT or ST-E3-RT. On new cameras (1D X and 5D Mark III) camera LCD will have access to all Speedlite menus.

  8. Rick Joy says:

    It’s nice to see the new system from Canon with the radio transmission that has been rumored for so long. I have the 580exII’s without RT. While I will be upgrading eventually I would like to try out the RT system from Phottix. Have you ever tried the Odin system from Phottix and if so is it suitable for those who might not be able to afford an immediate upgrade?

    • Syl Arena says:

      I was sent a pre-release version from Phottix. I preferred the native Canon system. Others have reported that they like it.

      • Rick Joy says:

        Thanks Syl. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new system. It looks sweet and I’ve been waiting for it since the rumors popped. I’ll still use my old dogs every now and then. Thanks for your input.

  9. Tim L says:

    This is huge. This is such an obvious feature to add to a flash system that I find it remarkable that it has taken so long. Still, I’m glad it’s here now and I’m glad that Canon is the one to do it.

    Syl, have you given McNally any grief yet over Nikon’s lack of native RF Speedlight control? 😀

    • Syl Arena says:

      No, I’m not going to send ol’ Joe any grief-bombs…it’s time for Canonistas to start cutting the Nikonians some slack. I mean, it’s not like they can control the engineers who design their gear or anything. @:–)

  10. Aaron says:

    Hi Syl,

    Thanks for the great review. Was going to ask about high speed sync but I see that you’ve thought of everything.

    BTW, I bought your book a little while back and it’s awesome!

  11. Oh Canon…
    Nice stuff, but way too expensive.

  12. Anthony Tassarotti says:

    So, what is the short term future of the 580 EXII? Can we expect to see price drops as retailers try to move inventory?

    I love the new features but I’ve just purchase three 580 EXII in the last four months. (Along with several of Syl’s ETTL cords.) I would rather get my hands on a fourth 580 right now than to start all over.

  13. luizc says:

    Amazing informations aboutthis new flash. But your glidecam videos moves like crazy…

  14. Jon Miller says:

    Like to know if the 600EX-RT or ST-E3-RT is compatible with Pocket Wizards. That is can the ST-E3-RT fire off any flashes with a PWII or can the PWII trigger off a 600EX-RT unit.

  15. Jun Madayag says:

    Canon has released the new Flash System. Is there anyway we can use the old 580 EX II with the new system? Otherwise canon just made this an expensive upgrade. I hope they have thought about their customers and come up with a way to have the old and new system sync together.

  16. Chris Timmes says:

    I’m like one other responder – I’d love it if you could suggest to Canon a RadioPopper-style accessory that allows you to use 580EX-IIs with the new 600EX-RT. I own and love my RadioPoppers. It would be great if there were some way to blend both flash models together but that’s probably unrealistic.

  17. Jun Madayag says:

    Just to follow through… I hope Canon will find a way to communicate with the old 580 EX II via radio rather than just optical. It hurts to invest on new flash as the old 580 EX II were not that cheap as well just to not use it and invest in a new system.

  18. Craig Single says:

    As a wedding photographer, I’m curious if you are able to control two flashes remotely, but with different settings at the same time. For instance, can you have the ST-E3-RT on the 60D with full ETTL on both remote flashes, and then have the 600ex RT on your hotshoe of the 5D 2 and control one of the remotes on Manual and the other on ETTL. Or at the very least, to control both of the remotes on ETTL with the two cameras using the ST-E3-RT and 600ex. I’d be using them this way at a reception for instance.

    • Syl Arena says:

      Craig – You definitely can control a set of slaves with two different masters (ST-E3-RT or 600EX-RT). The degree of control will depend upon your camera.

      For a master to control two Speedlites in different modes simultaneously, you have to operate the master in the new Gr. (Group) mode, which only works on 2012 cameras (1D X and 5DM3).

      On your 5DM2, you definitely can set masters to two different settings (ie: one in Manual and the other in ETTL or both in ETTL with different amounts of FEC). BTW, this also works on the previous generations of Speedlites (580EX IIs, etc).

  19. bycostello says:

    a tough day for pocket wizard!!

  20. Frank Dieterich says:

    Hi Syl,

    compared to GN 58 on the 580EXII at ISO100 105mm how much will the GN be on the same parameters (ISO100 105mm) on a 600EX-RT? I guess it will be less than GN 58.


  21. Allan Morris says:

    Not necessarily a tough day for pocket wizard. Their TT5 system is still awesome for the cost, especially for their plus 3’s
    Canon 580EX II’s cost $440 ish and pW TT5’s cost $229 so it’s right at the price point that Canon have set fir their new 600EX-RT, but as Syl had said you can get Paul C Buffs Einsteins 640’s for the same price if not less, (this is the route I plan to take next, already own PW TT5’s and Canon 580EX II’s) I can purchase PW receivers for the Einsteins and integrate the system with my current set-up, it’s nice that Canon finally have upped the ante to the RF market, I have owned the ST-E2 and the limitations drove me crazy, then trying to decide between PW and radio poppers.
    It all depends on how much the ST-E3 costs, current ST-E2 costs $220
    But for first timers getting into radio transmitters I would take a serious look at Canons system before the third party equivalent.

  22. Syl, great review. One of my frustrations with the 580’s and 580-2’s was that 2nd curtain sync is disabled in wireless mode. Do you know if you can use 2nd curtain sync in radio mode with the 600? It so, that would be a great improvement. Thanks, keep up the good work.

    • Syl Arena says:

      For reasons unknown, the new generation of Speedlites still does not bring wireless second-curtain sync to the Canon system.

  23. bruce says:

    nice video Syl, very interesting.
    but I wonder if any solution while I need to use 600ex and 580ex at same time as remote slaves in radio mode? maybe canon would consider a receiver for older speedlites?

  24. jason says:

    The radio technology has been around for years “PocketWizards” I just wonder why Nikon have never incorporated this in their creative lighting system. I use the SU-800 controller with 4 x SB-900 Flash heads for most of my product shots. Its a great system but the range is limited by 1980’s IR technology.

    Gradually I find myself being drawn to Canon.
    1, The recent announcement of the D5 MKIII looks a lot better on paper that the D800. 4 years after the D700 and they have the same ISO and they actually slowed down to FPS so encourage sales of more expensive models.
    Battery grip is $616 to get to 6fps!
    2, The new D4 batteries are almost double the previous model $169 and last half as long. The memory card is the new SONY Proprietary XQD expensive thing thats already superseded by Lexar.
    3, NPS services (in my experience) is so elitist that they need to judge your work and studio before you can join. Canon on the other asks that you own certain equipment to get pro services.

    The new Flash system looks like a good reason to start taking a closer look at what Canon has to offer. The forums say Canon’s Auto Focus is not as good but I think I need to check this out for myself.

    Are we saying this new system does everything the Nikon’s CLS does but with built in radio controllers?
    If so this is a real game changer.

  25. Zesix says:

    It’s much cheaper to hire three teens at $8.00/hr and have them hold 3 Vivitar 285HV or Yongnuo 560 flashes.
    If they are lost, you can tell them to zoom back or front.

    Make quick money rather supporting Canon with $2,100 ($700 x 3)

    Paul Buff lights are affordable & produce better lighting than a small hotshoe flash.

    Go back to basic.

  26. Alex E says:

    I guess it might be a silly question. I currently have Canon 430 EX and was looking to move up to a flagship (i.e. Canon 580EXII) I shoot with 7D and have not taken the flash off the hotshoe. Should I still get the 580EXII or should I go directly to 600EX? Is there anything I gain by buying the 600EX over 580EXII and keeping it in the hotshoe.

    Thank you.

    • Syl Arena says:

      Alex – You ask a couple of very good questions. The pop-up on your 7D will control the 580EX II or the 600EX-RT as slaves via the built=in optical wireless. So, with either Speedlite and the 7D, you will be able to take your first steps into the realm of off-camera flash. You could also do this with the 430EX II at about half the price of the 580EX II. As for deciding between the 580EX II and the 600EX-RT, I think it gets down to future-proofing. The 600EX-RT is the future for Canon Speedliting. The radio opens up great horizons. As importantly, the interactive menu system is amazing. So, perhaps the way to think about the difference in the price between the 580EX II and the 600EX-RT is whether the premium for the new technology will seem like a bargain in the long term?

  27. david costa says:


    This article from Canon states the following limitations:

    Flash sync speed: When used for radio-based Wireless E-TTL with any Canon EOS camera introduced prior to the EOS 5D Mark III or EOS-1D X, the maximum available sync speed for flash will be one stop slower than normal. (EOS 5D Mark II or original EOS 5D – 1/100th second; EOS 7D, 60D, 50D, etc – 1/125th second; all previous EOS Rebel models – 1/100th second.)

    This only applies when using radio-based wireless control of off-camera 600EX-RT Speedlites. If a 600EX-RT is simply used on-camera (alone), or if it’s used for optical-based Wireless E-TTL in any way, the camera’s normal, full flash sync speeds are available.

    No high-speed sync: For radio-based wireless E-TTL, the only cameras that allow hi-speed flash sync will be the EOS 5D Mark III and EOS-1D X (as of March, 2012). It’s not possible with any other previous EOS camera bodies, when combined with the radio-based wireless flash system.
    (Hi-speed sync is possible for both E-TTL and manual flash exposure if a single 600EX-RT is used on-camera with previous EOS models, as well as during optical-based wireless E-TTL.)

    Is this true that you don’t get HHS using the radio system unless you have a newer Camera? Thanks.

    • Syl Arena says:

      David – You have correctly cited what the user manual says about the 600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT. My experience with both units on my 5DM2 and 60D does not confirm Canon’s statements. To the contrary, I have shot in high-speed sync at all shutter speeds up to 1/8000″ using the new radio system. I can’t confirm that this will be the case for everyone. But, in a thousand or so frames made with the new gear on my pre-2012 cameras, I’ve yet to encounter a sync issue. Hope this helps a bit.

      • Eric A says:

        Syl, I’m glad that you tried the high speed sync w/ radio transmission on your older bodies. I’d like to see some test done with the 1-d mark series bodies and see the results in high speed sync. I really love my mark III and have a slew of 580 ex IIs with radio poppers. I’d rather have fully contained units without 3rd party configurations like the 600’s with the st- e3 without having to upgrade bodies in order to get the freedom n results I want.

  28. Alex E says:


    Thank you for thorough and thoughtful responses. I was looking to see if the new 5DMark III will have the radio transmitter built in or will I still need ST-E3-RT to trigger the new flash. (Just thinking of upgrading from 7D to 5Dmark III)

    Thanks again for all your feedback.

    • Syl Arena says:

      Alex – 5DM3 does not have a radio transmitter built in. The ST-E3-RT is a low-profile, elegant solution for most situations.

  29. LENNY NGUYEN says:

    A hint when the 2nd video is released?

    • Syl Arena says:

      Lenny – Canon-Europe is looking at it for possible inclusion on the Canon Pro Network site. I hope to know in a day or so.

  30. Wikus says:

    Great video Syl!

    Have you encountered any overheating problems with all the new tech in these little wonders of lighting?

  31. Colin Cameron says:

    Love the posts on the new lights but I have a question about the menu interaction with the 7D. Do the 600EX and the ST-E3 show up in the External Flash function menu and are you able to control your groups in this through the radio mode or is it optical only like the 580EX II

    • Syl Arena says:

      Colin –

      When the 600EX-RT is activated as a master in optical transmission, then the wireless menu will show up on the 7D — just like the 580EX II will. When it’s activated as a radio master, the camera cannot see the menu because radio was not an option coded into the 7D. The ST-E3-RT, because it is radio only, will not show up on the camera LCD under “wireless”.

  32. IJG_DR says:

    Does the ST-E3 control speedlite zoom function remotely like the Phottix Odin does?

  33. Mark Friedman says:


    Is the video online? When I click on the link to get here I get a black window and no buttons to click to start the video. BTW, I enjoyed your interview with Martin Bailey.


  34. Adam B says:

    I hope to see that 2nd video soon. I’ve been checking everyday! Thanks to your informative review and video I have pre-ordered the new gear and can’t wait to start shooting with it. I was trying to find that grid spot you used in the video with the model behind the cabinet door but I don’t know who makes it. I watched the B&H presentation you did and saw that you used it but didn’t mention the make/model so I assume it’s not sold through B&H. Could you point me to the source?

  35. Nate says:

    Great video. Very informative and useful. I was just curious as to what cold shoes/flash mounts you were using for the 600exs on the C stand. I tried checking your gear page and got a 404… Thanks!

    • Syl Arena says:

      Nate – On the C-stands, I have a Manfroto 026 metal swivel adapter. Then I usually have the IDC Triple Threat threaded onto the 026.

      • Nate says:

        Thanks so much for the reply! I should have been more specific. At 07:40-07:42 in the video you have the 600exs mounted in intervals on the boom arm. What mounts were you using there?

        Even though it wasn’t what I was looking for, I appreciate the information about the Triple Threats. What a great product and the other accessories look extremely well designed. I have a feeling they’ll be finding their way into my lighting bag…


        • Syl Arena says:

          Nate – Those are Manfrotto Rapid Adapters with small ballheads screwed onto them. I then screw a cold shot onto the threads of the ballhead. I learned this from Damien Lovegrove, a UK shooter.

  36. Alonzo Riley says:

    This is very interesting. By integrating radio into the flash, it means one less piece of equipment to check batteries on and keep up to date. It also means one less point of failure, mechanically and electronically – to say nothing of a smaller, lighter package. This is very nice but doubt I will add until there are solutions that let the system be added slowly to an already existing pocketwizard system.

    I hope that pocketwizard can figure out a way to trigger the flashes so you don’t necessarily need canon’s proprietary box. In that case an additional radio-controlled light could be had at just around $600, which could be worth it.

  37. Nathan says:

    HI, I am planing from upgrading my camera to the new 5D mk III and I have a question. I didn’t understand for sure and thats why I ask you. For me it would be very important to be able to High Speed Sync and that’s why I thought buying instead of two 600 EX and a ST E3, a Pocket Wizard set for my 580 EX IIs.
    Here is my question: If I buy two 600 EX and a RT E3 transmitter will I be able HSS? For example will my flash sync at 1/4000 or 1/8000 only with a 600EX and a ST E3?
    Thank you:)!

  38. Thanks for the review. Exciting time ahead for us Canonistas!

    I shoot with a Canon 7D and I was told that the high-speed sync is not going to work using ST-E3-RT, only with newer models coming out such as the Mark III? I hope that is not true…

    Thanks in advance.

  39. Umit says:

    does 600 ex have a built-in optical slave? I mean ,can i fire it with the aid of another strobe? (let’s say an elinchrom strobe)

  40. Udayan says:

    Fabulous Video on the 600 EX !!!! Syl, Can you confirm if 5D III + 600 EX + ST E3 can give me hyper sync feature … I have read numerous people complaining about the visible banding issue while using Flex TT5 & Mini during hyper sync.

    Your reply would be greatly appreciated for my purchase of 600 EX + ST E3. I already have bought 5D III.


    • Syl Arena says:

      Udayan – Hypersync is a PocketWizard feature. If you are referring to high-speed sync, Canon’s built-in system, I can confirm that it works fine with the 600EX and STE3. I have shot all the way up to 1/8000″

      • Udayan says:

        Thanks Syl for the clarification, I thought Hyper sync & High speed sync were two different things !!!! Learnt something very important from you.
        Can you advise on few more topics:
        1. If I shoot on high speed sync say with 1/2500 on a 5D III + 600 EX + STE3, will I be able to shoot continuously till the batteries exhaust …. I’m hopeful 600ex will give me atleast 3 fps.
        2. I also have a couple of 430 ex II, how can I utilize them in a 3 light setup where one light would be 600ex with STE3 sitting on my 5D III. Will I be able to control exposure settings of 430 ex II from STE3 (I have feeling you might say ‘no’)
        3. Would you advise that I buy phottix odin & buy 2 580 ex II & control my speedlights wirelessly & it may give me the versatility of controlling my exposure from my camera.
        4. When are you publishing your 2nd video on 600 ex ….

        Best Regards

  41. […] Great Reviews: Syl Arena – Buttons & Dials Tour of the 600EX-RT Speedlite and ST-E3-RT Transmitter for Canon Pro Network. Syl Arena – Hands-On With Canon 600ex-RT Speedlite and ST-E3-RT TRansmitter. […]

  42. Mike says:

    Excellent reviews Sly !!

    I’ve purchased a couple of 600ex rt speedlites. My problem though is in choosing an umbrella adapter. I have heard some adapters can short out your speedlite. Have you heard of this? What do you use/reccomend for mounting the speedlites on a lightstand? I’m anxious to get going but am afraid of buying the wrong product.

    Thanks in advance,

  43. Debra says:

    Your reviews helped me make up my mind about upgrading my flash system.

    I’m shooting with a Canon 7D. I have been using the optical wireless with a 580EX and a sync cord with an AlienBee 1600, and I was able to fire both units at the same time.

    I have just ordered (not yet received) one 680EX-RT Speedlite and one ST-E3-RT remote. I am wondering if I’ll be able to fire the AlienBee in the same way using the radio wireless technology with the new flash. I don’t know why not, but there seem to be some gotchas that may prevent it.

    Any info would be appreciated.

  44. Hi Syl, i have 3 580 EX II and 2 Bowens 750 which i eventually trigger all together via some Pocketwizard Plus II and Flex TT5. Before upgrading to the new 600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT i am wondering whether they are compatible with Pocket Wizards or not.
    Many thanks

  45. Udayan says:

    Need Help !!!
    Currently , I use 5D Mark III with 3 nos of 600 ex-RT.

    I’m still looking for some equipment to trigger my 600 ex-rt wirelessly :
    (i) I need some gadget to trigger 600 ex-rt (individually) with a Sekonic Lightmeter.
    (ii) the gadget should give me the flexibility to do High Speed Sync
    (iii) The gadget should also be able to fire the 600 ex-rt with second curtain while remaining on wireless function. – Why this feature is not on ST-E3 …. Did Canon skipped this on purpose ?
    (iv) the gadget should give me the flexibility to control exposure of each wireless 600 ex-rt from one place …. I dislike jumping around to fix the exposure…

    Please help … my work is getting affected….

    Best Regards

  46. jaime says:

    Great Vid Syl,

    I’m abotu to invest in this system thanks to you vid..Can i ask though about that big beauty dish you were using on one of the speedlites? – was that a DIY version or is it a brand that fits speedlites?


  47. Louise says:

    Would you please let me know the URL for the Part II video.

    Thank you.


  48. Richard says:

    I purchased two 600ex-rt speedlights and the st-e3-rt… but I would like to be able to use a light meter (e.g. Sekonic) and be able to trigger the st-e3-rt. Do you know if this is possible… would you please offer any suggestions on how this might work?

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