I bought two copies of Newsweek the other day. According to the cover, this will be the last time that I’ll be able to buy Newsweek in the magazine rack. The funny/sad thing is that I would not have bought the mags if Newsweek was not going out of print. I’ve not looked at an issue of Newsweek in years. Yet, knowing that this would be the last time I’d see it on the newsstand, I bought the last two copies as souvenirs. [To be clear, Newsweek is not going out of business. Rather, they are going “all-digital”–meaning that Newsweek will now publish only to tablets, mobile phones, and computers. Click here for the complete list.]

To start 2013, I’m spending the week in Orlando at the TAP!2013 conference. TAP!—Technologically Advanced Publishing—is a new conference created by best-selling author Rich Harrington and friends that’s a treasure trove of information about the vanguard of digital publishing: to devices, to paper, and online. The conference opened yesterday with Guy Kawasaki presenting on his new book APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur (here on Amazon as an ebook or paperback). Scott Kelby presented a keynote in which he talked candidly about the opportunities he sees for digital content creators. Terry White and Colin Fleming, both tech evangelists, are here to enlighten us about Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite. I’m also looking forward to the upcoming keynotes by Skip Cohen on blogging and by Debbie Bates-Schrott on designing for user experiences.

In today’s world, it’s no longer enough to have something interesting/valuable to say. To be an effective communicator today, you also need to sort out how that content will made available to those who want/need to consume it. In terms of delivering digital content with a rich user experience (think more than just words and a few pix on a screen or sheet of paper), Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite (Single User via the Creative Cloud) will be folded into the new skill set that I’m developing. I didn’t know that when I landed in Orlando two days ago. To see the full TAP! conference schedule, click here.

When it comes to technology, I think that Darwin was right. The fit will survive. So, evolve or perish. Scott Kelby said yesterday at TAP!, “Who would have thought a decade ago that we’d be buying our film today from two companies we’d never heard of—Lexar and Sandisk?” No matter what your path in the world of creatives—photographer, cinematographer, writer, designer, etc.—now is the time to look around and sort out what you should do to prepare for the present.


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  1. Brian Smith says:

    It’s interesting to see how nostalgia and progress are intertwined like the Yin and Yang of our space time continuum. It’s exciting that it’s never been easier to get your work in from of eyeballs through all the new publishing platforms. Yet as someone who grew up when the great news magazines were truly great it’s same to see Newsweek slowly fade away into irrelevancy. Let’s just hope that editorial photography’s survival of the fittest doesn’t leave the tabloids standing alone at that mountaintop…

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